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This site provides information, mostly in form of links which people like whistleblowers, free speech advocates, conspiracy theory researchers, etc might find interesting. This information already exists, albeit scattered, on the internet. I thought it might be useful to put the most significant information under one roof. As you would have noticed that information on above subject is hard to find even on the internet, and not widely covered by the conventional media.

All the information has been divided under four broad headings, namely: Whistleblower, Disgruntled, Free Speech and Conspiracy. In some ways the above four headings are inter-linked, e.g. people who have done the right thing (morally, ethically & perhaps technically) and find themselves in trouble (in varying degrees from severe reprimand to abandoned by former colleagues, friends and in some instances even family members).....and are puzzled!! The first three groups in varying forms cover this aspect, while the fourth tries to explain this true but seldom discussed subject.

I have two additional headings, namely: Books & Discussions. Under the heading of books I have provided links to a few most interesting books on-line, and additional reference books for off-line reading. Should you wish to further pursue reading of books on-line, a link has been provided for that as well. Under discussions, links have been provided to post & discuss views on topics related to free speech, conspiracy, mind control & disgruntled.

If you have any suggestions, I can be reached via e-mail at tutu69@hotmail.com or alternatively post your comments on my guestbook.



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